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International YOGA Teacher Training Course

Get trained to be a trainer,where not only yoga but a varitey of student handling situations are also taught.Learn to identify the best in every student,analyze their strengths and weaknesses,understand and motivate and guide them towards their goal

What you will learn

Asana Technique & Teaching Methods

Learn to teach yoga poses,including their functional anatomy ,alignment principles,energetic action risks,benefits,preparatory asanas, counterposes,variations,modifications, hands-on adujstments, and use of props. This part of the course covers the major families of asanas; Sun Saluations,Standing Poses, Backhbends, Forward Bends, Twists, Arm Balances, Inversion, Core Refinement, and Hip Openers.

Practical Yoga History & Philosophy

We cover from previous to present day Yoga and analyse it over the ages.This involves a glimpse of Vedas, Upanishads, Gita and Yoga Sutras as well as somatic theory and other 20th and 21st century sources that can inform how we practice and teach.Ethics, emotional aspects and physical awareness is given importance.

Making Yoga Meaningful

Why, how, what etc. are to be defined for making the experience a memorable one for every student.

What you will learn

Practical Yoga Anatomy

A practical introduction to functional anatomy,bio-mechanics,and the kinesiology of movement as applied to seeing students and guiding them.You will learn about the basic human skeletal structure;how different types of bones,joints,muscles and connective tissues optimally function in postural practices;the basics of human movement for better understanding of transtions in and out of asanas;close study of the spine,hips,and shoulders as they relate to all seven families (and sub-families) as asanas.

Planning & Sequencing Classes

The art and science of planning what to be covered and in what sequence,including for different levels of students,different intentions,seasons styles and other considerations.Also looking after the pace,duration,tempo,and vibe for different levels and intentions of classes.

The Profession & Business of Yoga

You will be made aware of your role as a teacher,getting yourself established as a professional yoga teacher,and being successful in teaching yoga as your source of livelihood.

What you will learn

Subtle Energy

Awareness and activation of subtle energy,including how to cultivate bandhas and the relationship between pranayama,bandhas,and the elements of yogic anatomy including koshas,chakras,nadis,vayus,gunas,and doshas.

Meditation Practices

To learn various meditation techniques and to understand how to gel it into daily life easily and conveninetly.

Teaching Pranayama

Basic and intermediate pranayama techniques,including how,when,and whom to teach basic yoga and intermediate techniques.

The Art of Seeing & Relating

To observe,appreciate,and understand every student activity in all the asanas,thereby developing the necessary skills to handle individually by giving appropriate verbal cues,hands-on adjustments,and use of props.

Demonstrating & Cuing

The art of demonstrating various yoga poses while giving the clearest,most understandable verbal and hands-on guidance to students.Voice quality,language tone,and audibility, are paid prime attention.

What you will learn

Hands-On Adjustments

It begins with an in-depth consideration of the principles of tactile cues,and specific techniques for guiding students in all the poses.Here you get to learn,practice,and refine your ability to guide students.

Lifestyle & Ethics

How we live our larger lives off the mat,including personal yoga practice,nutrition,sleep,relations with family and friends,and being in community are essential aspects of deepening our yoga and sharing it with dignity and integrity.

Practice Teaching

Right from the day 1 you will work with others to teach classes.One on one sessions will be a confidence builder.Further larger classes will be a confidence booster.Each practice teaching session includes extensive feedback and discussion of teaching techniques and methods.

Class Observationa

Keep observation your teachers to acquire practical knowledge of being a mentor and try to instill the strong points in you.

Why marketing is important

To let people know your is must to first advertise yourself.Marketing,then takes you to another level and project you as a brand.This generates trust over your brand and finally people finds it easy to connect with you.

Marketing is techniques

The basics of marketing, it's applications and results are taught for establishing yourself as a brand in the market.What is the need and what should be the plan of actions are topics covered mainly.Digital marketing and branding is taught on preparatory levels.Marketing increases the value of a company and makes acquiring new candidates easier.

Digital Marketing Improves Recognition.

Branding Creates trust

Advertising generates new candidates

Proper Collaterals Supports Advertising

Key features include

Action Pack of 200 hrs.

Wrapped up in 1 month

Interactive Asana Lab

Lectures,GDs & PPTs

Authorised & Certified

Get known as a Registered Yoga Teacher

Marketing Techniques

Life long benefits

The course so designed will benefit you for the entire life

Be a Certified Yoga Trainer

Be Self employed

Get health benefits

Get enlightened by studying real yoga

Own your achievement

The felicitation program will be held at the end of the session wherein all participants will be graded and awarded the certificate accordingly.


A renowned yoga studio in indore & coming up with a school that is acquainted of expert yoga gurus and modernized lavish campus.Equipped with a unique course module,we have successfully produced 12000+ trainers over a journey of 15 years.

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