Regular Classes

What can be better than making yoga your way of life. Our regular classes do that perfectly. Conducted 6 days a week, each class is of 60-90 minutes duration where you will get to learn various forms of Yoga. Through these classes Yoga will be part of your daily life which will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Special Classes

Having a hectic schedule should not prevent you from living a healthy lifestyle. Our special classes are designed for providing personal sessions as per your needs. These personal sessions can be carried out at our Divine Yogarpana videos or at the place of your choice. These sessions will eventually be designed suited to your personal and situational needs and you can easily follow them no matter how busy your schedule are.

Corporate Programmes

In today’s unbalanced and unbalanced life the corporates are the most affected ones. The work overload causes them anxiety, depression and also other physical problems which reduces their efficiency and productivity. Our corporate program will help them calm down and focus their mind and will also relieve them of the various body pains eventually leading them to be efficient and full of energy at work.

Yoga For Programming Classes

Learn the correct way and form of practicing the Surya Namaskar. It is a yogic practice consisting of twelve gracefully linked asanas. It is beneficial for a healthy lower body, improves blood circulation & reduces weight.

Kids Classes

Let your child adopt a healthy lifestyle from the very beginning. These short duration classes are specially designed for the kids to make them incorporate Yoga into their lives. Also, these classes are conducted on vacations so that the child’s day-to-day life activities are not hampered.