The wake-up moments of each day are really precious. It’s a time where you spend moments with the most amazing person, that is you. In this time you can plan your whole day and influence your thoughts, acts and responses for the rest of the day. So, it becomes increasingly important that these early moments be full of energy, positivity and inspiration. And what better than yoga for these ingredients to a successful day. Yoga, the ancient practice of integration of mind, body and soul through various physical, mental and spiritual exercises will help us find peace, energize our souls, calm down our mind and focus our thoughts. Waking up with this focussed and disciplined routine keeps you and your thoughts and actions energised all through the day.

There are numerous benefits that can be reaped by starting your day with yoga, enlisting a few will really make you do that.

Regulating Sleep rhythm and hormonal balance

Practice, practice and practice and Yoga becomes your habit. The attention to breathing, meditation, and Asana has a positive effect on the endocrine system, which is responsible for long-term body maintenance. Certain yoga poses stimulate the pineal gland which excretes the melatonin hormone that regulates sleep patterns. And as we attach ourselves to this early morning routine, the feelings of anxiety, confusion and laziness will eventually and gradually disappear.

No need of coffee, yoga can act as alternative caffeine

The various yoga asanas stimulate your entire body and mind. And if done early morning these asanas will help you get a jolt of fresh oxygen which will boost up and open up your mind. The energy you get through meditation and by performing asanas stays with you throughout the day. So whenever you feel low upon waking up, just wait for a yoga session and you will never feel the same low vibe again through the entire day.

Weight Loss

One of the greatest benefits of yoga is that it will keep you in shape no matter what. Yoga helps you burn calories, stretches and relaxes muscles and makes your body stronger. Also by stretching them on a daily basis, we can prevent many injuries and improve our performance as well. And don’t be afraid of not being able to do those asanas as you thought you would but eventually and gradually your muscles will become flexible and you will be able to do them as you see it done by the experts and that’s the beauty of Yoga.

Finding Your Balance

Yoga is balance, a balance of mind, body and soul. A balance of your physical, mental and spiritual well being. And it’s the this balance that we wish to seek in our lives. Different poses use different muscles in your body that helps your physical balance and increases your stability and coordination.

This can help you by reducing the risk of injury in other sports as well. Also, even if you have an 8h desk job or you’re on the move the whole day, 10 minutes of yoga in the morning could help you achieve a better posture and a less stressful day.

Early morning yoga may boost your metabolism


Practicing yoga early in the morning will warm up your digestive system and help nutrients move more easily through the body, causing it to metabolize carbs and fats more quickly. We know how amazing twists can be for wringing out the digestive system and invigorating our vital organs. Practicing these Asanas first thing in the morning, can awaken our bellies, easing any morning aches and pains. So, starting your day with yoga will help you increase your productivity and efficiency throughout the day. These practices will help you start your day with a new vigour and energy and help you focus your mind and thoughts in the required direction and also in the present.