Yoga is a boon but it may turn out to be a curse with just one wrong move. Yoga helps in stretching and flexing our muscles but just one mistake in these flexing and stretching poses will and can lead to injuries and other problems that can hamper your love with yoga. So, keeping a check on what you are doing and how you are doing it can help you reap the immense benefits of this ancient form.

You don’t need to read a hundred books and be able to describe all of the different styles of yoga before you get on the mat, but in order to avoid injuries, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into. So to help you with these problem here we illustrate 7 most common Yoga mistakes that a beginner can make.

Holding Your Breath

The basic concept of Yoga is about establishing a connection between mind, body and soul and it’s done through a controlled breathing technique. Now, while performing any asana if you hold your breath without giving a thought about it or just to catch up with your yoga teacher or thinking about something than its time to become cautious. While breathing your focus should be on the inhale and exhale of breath. Focussing on your breath will also help you be in the present and thus calming down your mind.

Doing Yoga With a Full Stomach

When you have a full stomach, not only are most yoga poses uncomfortable, but blood supply is funnelled to your stomach to process the nutrients from your food, leaving your muscles short changed on the energy they need for a successful practice. The best time to gain energy for those yoga sessions or classes is eating an hour before starting the yoga. A banana with a peanut butter or toast can be considered a good option for gaining fuel and saving any discomfort.

Not taking Care Of Wrists

The Yoga poses are complex ones and involves pushing or pulling your body weight on your hands or on your wrists. So not giving proper attention to your wrists could prove to be a fatal step in your yoga journey. Yoga should never feel painful. If it starts to, back off. Yoga is all about awareness, about listening to your body's subtle signals, and responding accordingly.

Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

Yoga is not and had never been about the appearance or showing off. Many Yoga poses involves stretching and flexing movements. Now wearing pants or any clothing which does not allow the free movements of body parts will greatly hamper the yoga practice and can even make you uncomfortable. Opting for stretchy, comfortable and form fitting clothes.



Nobody goes to one yoga class and is so completely transformed that they never have to stretch their body again. Yoga is a practice for a reason. You practice it. And in order to improve, you practice it consistently. Having a consistent yoga practice is also great because it allows you to actually monitor your progress. That can be motivating on its own.

Wrong Mindset


Either you are out of yoga or into yoga, there is no in between. If you are practicing yoga then there should be no second thoughts in your mind. Yoga is about using the body so you can be more in tune with it. It’s about taking the time to be. The breath is also very important, and as much as you may hate being still, or slowing down, it’s very important. If you’re skeptical about yoga, then give yourself a month to really try it out. Challenge yourself to practice it at least 5 times a week for that period of time. Give it an honest shot. At the end of the trial period, notice what has changed about you.

Skipping Basic Poses for Advanced Ones


We all have the desire to do the most difficult and complex task around and same is with the Yoga pose. These yoga poses and exercises are so pleasant and exciting to try that people directly jumps to them before trying the most basic stuff and this is where the injury comes into play. Also, Since all of yoga's postures are integrated, being able to complete the foundational ones helps to ensure you have the strength, balance, and flexibility needed to tackle more advanced moves.

So fine tuning your yoga sessions with these checks will help you avoid injuries and enjoy the yoga to the best possible limits. These will also enhance the benefits that you reap from the practice of such difficult poses and thus maximizing the efficiency of your yoga sessions.