About Divine Yogarpana

Divine Yogarpana, a unique yoga studio and a well-being community for inner peace and growth. Established in 2014 with the motto of re-energizing your soul through the eternal laws of yoga, we at divine Yogarpana indulge you in a physical and spiritual discipline that helps you lead a healthy lifestyle. Different and unique ways of practice, interactive classes, the dedication and knowledge of our instructors and the undisturbed calmness of our studios is what has helped us make a name in the field of yoga practice and self-exploration.

Along the path of your journey towards enlightenment our Yoga practices will greatly help you in correcting your posture, muscle balance and movement patterns. Here at Divine Yogarpana you will experience yoga as never before.

Our Aim

Eka-Tattva-Abhyasah i.e. removal of obstacles through constant practice is what we aim to achieve at Divine Yogarpana. “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory “said by Krishna Pattabhi Jois, and this is what we preach at our Yoga studio. Relieving you from the worldly stresses and enjoying the joy that the life has to offer is what we wish to benefit you with.

Our Mission

Yoga is not encompassed by the boundaries of age or class i.e. Yoga is for all people, at all levels and the same is our mission. To teach every individual that Yoga is not just a form of exercise, but a way of life through which we can nourish the divinity within ourselves is what we wish to accomplish.

Our Facilities

1700 sq ft Studio
Consultancy Room
Yoga Library
Therapy Room